Roda Polo

Ride The Future

Experience the speed, teamwork  and dynamics of polo in some of the top polo clubs in the world, riding  an e-wheel.

Announced during the polo tournament of the year

Roda Polo partnered with La Martina to introduce the sport during the most prestigious polo event of the year — the Argentine Polo Open. We have conducted workshops with over X participants.



Teaching the basics of the sport and conducting activations from our sponsor area.


Exhibition Games

Played on the top polo fields in front of the international polo crowd.

Starting with top polo clubs

Roda has grown organically from a past time of kids of polo players to a sport we could demonstrate during the Argentine Polo Open. Polo clubs are an ideal fit for us, offering plenty of space and existing infrastructure based on which we can keep growing our sport, while keeping the fixed costs low.

Our next stop is Buenos Aires, Argentina and then Guard's Polo Club in the UK.

Fast-paced team sport.

E-wheels can go nearly as fast as polo ponies in full canter. You control the speed and direction with your balance, while trying to hit the ball at full speed and coordinating with your team.

Kids polo, to start off.

We have seen a very fast adoption rate among kids, currently over 90% of our players are below 16 years old. Large part of the growth was fuelled by referrals.

That's just the start as the speed involved in this game, tactics, and dynamics leave us with a vast unexplored potential for growth among adults.

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Roda Community

We will soon launch a community website where our players can learn more about the sport and find out where to play next.


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