Our Story

The beginnings

Our journey started in 2019 with the idea of devising a sport similar to polo, in which horses could be replaced by a mechanical equivalent.

At the time the problem we tried to solve was: how do we design a platform for players that will allow them to enjoy the speed and dynamics of polo? Our design team backed by investors started working on the first prototype in Cordoba, Argentina.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that the future of the “electric polo game” that our founder Javier Tanoira had envisioned might already be here. 

Having spotted kids of professional polo players in Argentina simply riding their eWheels on the polo field and enjoying tapping the ball — he thought they might be up to something.

After giving it a go himself, he became instantly hooked.

Growing Roda Polo Internationally

After the successful launch of "Roda Show" during the Argentine Polo Open, which marked the beginning of our international tour our team will head out to Europe.

This year we will be working with local partners and polo clubs based in the UK, Spain and France on establishing new Roda Polo Academies and conducting workshops in order to introduce more players into the sport.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a competitive Roda Polo League within the next two years.

Find out more about our Roda Show 2022

Our team will be touring across Europe, we have already confirmed clinics in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.