Become a partner

Get in touch with us to learn how can you bring Roda Polo to your city or become an instructor.

Low entry cost

To get started you only need 6 e-wheels and a certified coach.

Instructor Certification

We are currently in the process of certifying Roda Polo Instructors, who will then be able to travel to help jumpstart academies in new cities.


We recommend starting in a local polo club. If there isn't a polo club nearby, a soccer field could be used as an alternative.

Roda Polo Academy Starter Pack

Start with 6 eWheels and get certified as an instructor to safely conduct the classes or hire one of our instructors.

We are currently putting together a leasing programme for our partners. This way we aim to remove your upfront costs and foster the growth of Roda Polo.

Polo Clubs

Financing for established polo clubs looking for new activities to offer on-site.

Sports Venues

We are also open to various sports venues interested in introducing Roda Polo as an additional activity.

Start your Roda Polo Academy

Get in touch with our team to find out how you could start Roda Polo Academy in your city

Become a certified instructor

Get in touch with us to learn about the upcoming instructor certification courses and the benefits it brings.


Learn to play, teach and start your own academy with flexible financing options.

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