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Discover Electronic Unicycle (EUCs) recommendations and learn more about the safety equipment, made for us by the leading polo equipment manufacturer La Martina


Roda Polo Gear — Where to start?

After our workshops we tend to get a lot of questions regarding the equipment you need to play Roda Polo. Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which electric unicycle should I get?
It depends on your age and skill. Our team has put together recommendations based on your age, experience and budget.
What's the best safety equipment for Roda Polo?
Please do your best to bring the following safety equipment:Helmet — Look into helmets designed for skiing, polo or skatingRubber sole boots — sneakers/tennis shoesAnkle Protection — look into football or related sports Protective sunglasses
Where should I buy my EUC?
If you are based in the UK we recommend you get in touch with our first Roda Polo Equipment Partner: PET. Here’s the link to their website: also put together a list of legitimate EUC stores across the world:EU:One Ride: One rideCiclonic:  ciclonic  USA: ARG:
Electronic Unicycles

Our staff picks depending on your level and budget

Our team has tested most of the EUCs available in the market, here are our staff picks, depending on your budget.

Where to buy your EUC?

We’re currently establishing partnerships with authorized dealers of Electric Unicycles. PET, UK based supplier is our first authorized dealer. Visit PET and explore a broad range of EUCs and other electric vehicles.

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