Play in Sotogrande

Experience the thrill of Roda Polo in Sotogrande

After a successful launch in Argentina during the Argentine Polo Open 2021 and a series of workshops conducted at the Guard's Polo Club in the UK — we are opening our first European Roda Polo Academy in Sotogrande, Spain.

Join our sessions at Los Pinos Polo Club, throughout August

Our founder and head coach will be teaching private lessons and organizing matches with the support from two certified Roda Polo Coaches

Our Locations

We run our matches and 30 minutes classes in Los Pinos Polo Club, but our instructors are available for private lessons in 4 locations across Sotogrande. Simply go to their calendar and check the time slots and availability.

Los Pinos

Ayala Polo Club

La Capilla Polo Club

Dos Lunas Club De Polo


How to get ready for your next session

Our team has put together a buying guide, depending on players age:
Up to 10 years old: INMOTION V5 or Kingsong 14D
10-12 years old: Inmotion V8 f or Kingsong 16 S
12 years and up: INMOTION V10, V11 and V12HT (only experts) or Kingsong 16X/18 XL
How should I dress for my first Roda Polo Class?
Bring comfortable clothes and sports shoes/sneakers.
Should I bring any safety equipment?
Yes, please bring a helmet, googles/glasses and leg pads if possible.
Can adults and seniors also enjoy Roda Polo?
Yes, our oldest student is 76 years old. Roda Polo has quickly gained popularity among younger crowds, but our goal is to become a competitive sport for players of all ages.
Depending on where you're based we recommend the following suppliers:
Roda Certified EUC Supplier PET:

One ride: